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A new luxury community owned and managed by Civitas Senior Living and Guttman Properties has just opened in Prospect, Kentucky. The senior citizen apartment share is located at the corner of Prospect Road and East Main Street, south of the Kentucky-Tennessee border.

US 42 runs over 12 miles southwest of downtown Louisville and is the main artery that runs through the area. The city borders the Norton Commons, which is generally bounded by Prospect Road, East Main Street and the Kentucky-Tennessee border, as well as US 42.

H is located directly on Brownsboro Road on Chamberlain Lane and leads to the latter, the Gene Snyder Freeway. A short stretch of US 42 southwest leads you to Paddock Shops, where more restaurants and shops are waiting for your stomach and wallet.

If you're looking for an 18-player round, GlenOaks Country Club is near Norton Commons in the north-east. Norton commons is already there and will celebrate its grand opening in mid-May 2016.

When the Louisville YMCA opened a branch in January 2014, part of that plan became a reality. The YYCA design included a building connected to the GlenOaks Country Club and Norton Commons Golf Course, as well as a gym and fitness centre.

The present-day community was formed from Prospect Station, built around 1872 by the Louisville, Harrods Creek and Westport Railway. It covers an area extending far east and west of the Norton Commons Golf Course and GlenOaks Country Club, as well as a large part of Prospect Park.

When farmers settled the area in the late 18th century, it became known as Sand Hill, and the community grew around an oval of Harris Creek in Westport that led to Prospect Station. Transit traffic is sparse in Prospect, as the TARC serves two local routes nearby (I-71) and a single downtown expressway that can be accessed by the Louisville Metro Transit Authority (LRT) bus system.

For more information on planning a tour, visit https: / / or call 502-233-3855 or visit www. TheGrand - For more information on the planned tours, call (502) 233-3855 and visit http: / / the /.

If you're looking for a house in Prospect, check out the city's real estate ads on the Kentucky Department of Housing and Community Development website and learn more about the area. If you have any questions or would like to plan a private demonstration in a house in or around Prospect and when you are finished, we are happy to be at your disposal. The detailed information for each listing includes the name of the listing agent and is marked by the broker or co-owner with "Holding Inc. Real Estate" or "Real Estate Listing." Whether you have had the opportunity to buy or finish your home, or if you want to get a deeper insight into what you can learn about a potential home in the greater Louisville area, you have a great resource at your disposal.

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Civitas is known for its "Passion Program," which ensures a strong focus on factors that influence community management, such as education, health and community engagement. At the heart of the Grand is the GlenOaks Country Club, a community of more than 1,000 residents in Jefferson County, Kentucky, that offers residents a rich and fulfilling life full of opportunities to move forward with themselves, their families and the community as a whole. The 18-hole course in Glen Oaks, which stretches across the borders of Jefferson and Oldham counties, is used by golfers of all ages and abilities and acts like a Bermuda fairway with curved grass and greens. Civitas is known as a leader in developing community partnerships and partnerships with local businesses and organizations, as well as through its signature Passion Program, which ensures that factors that influence community management, such as education and health care, are influenced by factors.

Oldham County Schools are known for their outstanding education and community engagement, and are the largest school district in Kentucky.

Kentucky ranks 44th in the nation in quality of life and 40th in quality of life, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. In terms of resources, Kentucky has the second-lowest per capita income of any state, behind New York and the third-worst in education.

Prospect has a median value of $377,142 and the median income per household in the city is $111,170. The median cost of rent is about $1,606 a month, the cost of a double room is about $82,855, and the median annual cost of private rooms is $91,250, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The population is distributed throughout the state, with 10.1% 65 years or older and 1.5% under 18. Median income for families is $124,131, and median income for households within a city is about $111,170.

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More About Prospect