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Louisville may not be the first city that springs to mind when you think of museums and high culture, but many of the museums in Louisville and its surrounding area are truly original museums that are not found anywhere else in the world. Museums don't usually top many travel bucket lists, but these museums are changing that.

If you want to see some of the best artwork in the country, check out one of these 10 fantastic museums in Kentucky. If you decide to venture inside, you will find original art created by renowned Kentucky artists. For hobbyists and people who just like to see the results of a lot of time, care and effort, the National Quilt Museum is a great place to visit on your trip to Kentucky!

The museum is located in the West Main District of downtown Louisville and is a subsidiary of the Smithsonian Institution. In addition to interpretation, there are many other rotating exhibits, including the art collection of the National Museum of Natural History from around the world. Visit the Louisville WaterWorks Museum and immerse yourself in one of Kentucky's most famous waterworks, the Kentucky Waterworks Museum. Enjoy the rotating collection, learn about the history of the water industry in Louisville and its history, and visit a variety of water art installations, such as the Waterworks exhibition at the Waterworks Museum.

If you're looking for a little adventure outside the museum, wander through its botanical gardens, visit the petting zoo, ride the zip line and visit some of Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs "most popular attractions. The museum is a fun stroll through the history of Louisville, Kentucky, the Derby, Churchill Downs and more. Artifacts that are important to Kentucky history, including a sheep horn brought by the Lewis and Clark expedition and the Natural History Museum's "Killed in the Dark" exhibit.

You should check the calendar of the museum for special events and openings, as they are often crowded, but there are also times when the artists themselves can be present. You can also attend the Museum of Contemporary Art Louisville's annual "Art in the Park" event in person and combine art and alcohol consumption.

As mentioned before, the real money is on the horses that win the Kentucky Derby and retire to the stud for the race. Therefore it is only open for three-year-old fillies and is held the day before the Derby.

When their work at the NTI is complete, campers can participate in all the other educational activities that the Kentucky Science Center has to offer. Parents are back at work, so this is a great opportunity for kids to learn about Kentucky history, its history and the science behind horses.

Sports fans and history buffs will find plenty of interesting facts and treats during the factory tour of this museum. If you're lucky enough to land at Churchill Downs on race day, you can enjoy the rich history of the Kentucky Derby Museum.

To truly explore the history of the Appalachian Mountains and eastern Kentucky, the effects of coal mining in the region must be understood, and visitors to the Kentucky Coal Museum in Benham can do just that. Visit one of the many museums in the area to learn more about the coal industry and its impact on the Kentucky economy. Jump to any section, but read on first to discover the best museums around Louisville, KY. There are many different things to do here in Louisville; click on any or all of these categories below to discover them all.

Discover some of the best bourbons in the world and taste them for yourself on a guided tour of Kentucky's most famous distilleries, housed in the Kentucky Bourbon Museum in the old Main District of Louisville.

With breathtaking views of the Ohio River, this popular attraction in Louisville Waterfront Park is even better at night. Nearly a third of the bourbon in the United States comes from Louisville, and there is only one distillery that you can visit at any time in and around Louisville. Land is home to many famous Louisvilles, including John Friedan, Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Jameson and many more. One of our most popular tours is the Kentucky Bourbon Museum Tour, an hour-long tour of Kentucky's most famous distilleries. A Journey to Jim Beam American Outpost allows you to experience the best bourbons in the world from one of America's oldest and most successful distilleries, as well as the history of bourbon.

The Jeffersontown Historical Museum is located 20 minutes outside Louisville and tells the story of a once rural area that developed into a city in its own right.

The museum has received a scholarship from Dr. Frederick Weygold, who has donated $1.5 million of his own funds to build the museum. The Speed Art Museum also affirms its mission to provide a comprehensive collection of art, history and art history in the state of Kentucky. Reily is also focusing on expanding his efforts to offer arts education programs in state classrooms through a long series of exhibitions that reflect Kentucky's diversity. It has also partnered with the Kentucky Museum of Natural History and the University of Louisville's Center for Contemporary Art.

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