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It's NCAA tournament time again, meaning it's almost time for the final round of recruiting of men's basketball players from Kentucky. Brown did his college rounds last week and came to Auburn, where he watched Auburn on the weekend. Two more official visits are planned in the new year, and then a visit to Kentucky on January 1.

Since signing almost a year ago, he has made nearly 20 unofficial visits, according to 247Sports. Because the pandemic does not allow recruiting visits, Hopkins and his family made their own trip to Kentucky to get a feel for the Lexington campus.

John Calipari and the Wildcats recruited Tshiebwe heavily from high school, but he ultimately chose to join West Virginia over Kentucky, with Kentucky coming in as a close second. The Wildcats finished second in the 2016 class and one of the best prospects in college basketball. In that class, the University of Kentucky paid the former mountaineer an unofficial visit, according to 247Sports. Jaxon Jackson, a 6-foot-8, 190-pound power forward, was ranked number one in Kentucky in 2016 for good reason.

The Austin, Texas native is now scheduled to make an official visit to Memphis on January 4 and then travel to Kentucky on January 10, 247Sports reported. The shooting guard is actually a senior in 2018, but he shot into the national consciousness last season with a shrewd goalkeeping - a high 26 points. Tshiebwe entered the 2020 NBA Draft after his first league season, but ultimately decided to return to West Virginia.

Louisville's basketball program wants to add another perspective to the 2021 recruiting class in the very near future. Kentucky is confident that Jairus Brents will be one of the best athletes in this country in six years. This would be a massive get-out for Louisville basketball, as they have only two true centers under contract for the 2017 class - Malik Williams and Aidan Igiehon. In total, there are seven projected Louisville players who are expected to be able to sign national memoranda of understanding.

Wheeler is a 6 '5 "athlete who excels in several sports and scores dynamic points for the Zags. Wheeler could be one of the most versatile players in the class and a key element for Gonzaga's future.

Within 48 hours, USC and UCLA offered the eighth-grader scholarships, and he was fired from the top five on his Twitter account, which posted Louisville's recruitment. Hopkins, who has Indiana, Illinois and Providence as his top three options, is backed by a number of Illinois players heading to Kentucky this year, including NBA draft picks Mohammed Bamba, De'Aaron Fox and Anthony Bennett. Now there are four players who have not yet set foot on a high school campus and already have scholarships from major programs where they can play football.

The sniper was not mentioned in the same bracket as Williamson, but he did eventually play for Kentucky's John Calipari. It was a bit surprising when he decided to return to Illinois for his final year of high school, rather than his final year, and he should have had the opportunity to behave the way zero players were selected this year. Since Calipsari arrived in 2009, Kentucky has had 38 players win the NBA draft, including 25 lottery picks.

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