Blue Apron's New 'Knick Knacks' Meal Kits Don't Include Meat or Vegetables

Published 02-06-2019

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If you've been wasting those expensive Blue Apron boxes in your refrigerator, this might be a smarter alternative. Blue Apron has launched a new line of specialty, pre-portioned refrigerated ingredients that you can add to your choice of protein or produce.

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They're called "Blue Apron Knick Knacks," and they feature a combination of pre-portioned spices, Blue Apron's custom spice blends, sauces, grains, and dairy ingredients from Blue Apron's premium suppliers. Recipe kits include za'atar spiced chicken, a Mexican-spiced chicken quinoa bowl, a Japanese-style steak and rice bowl, and creamy shrimp gnocchi. Consumers have to provide their own chicken, steak and shrimp to complete the recipes.

The Knick Knacks are currently available from the Walmart-owned online retailer for same-day or next-day delivery across the New York City metropolitan area.

"We are excited to expand our relationship with Blue Apron by being the first retailer to offer the new Knick Knacks recipe kits via Jet City Grocery," Simon Belsham, president of Jet, said via a press release.

According to Food Business News, the brand is looking to broaden its reach to more households after a loss in subscribers due to competition from other brands. Knicks Knacks may represent a continued departure from the brand's original direct-to-consumer approach.

Although Knick Knacks are currently only available in New York, a Blue Apron representative told The Daily Meal that the brand is "in active discussions with additional prospective partners as we focus on expanding our selection of individualized two- and four-serving meals and our new Knick Knack offering in the retail environment." Hopefully they partner with one of America's best supermarkets for 2019.

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